Do you want Practical Nutrition advice specific for your child and family lifestyle?

Is your Baby Starting Solids?

Are you starting solids with your baby and confused about what to do?

Do you want to make homemade baby food, but not too sure how to fit it into your schedule?

Do you have an older picky eater and your determined that your youngest will not end up the same way?



Introducing solids can be confusing and overwhelming.

Let me help you.

In Baby First Foods 1:1, you will not only get what foods will be the perfect start for your baby depending on season and availability but also we will work together to put a schedule together that fits into your lifestyle. Making homemade baby food will be a cinch.

Getting a toddler to eat your healthy meals can feel like an endless battle. 

You’re worried about them getting a balanced diet and eating enough to sleep through the night – but all the tactics are exhausting for you and your little one. 

Something needs to change. 

Let me help you. 

Picky eaters are picky for a reason. 

Let’s sit down together and flesh out what that reason is and then I’ll help you to put a plan into place to help your child to start loving those healthy meals you make. 

Is your Toddler a Picky Eater?

Do you have to resort to bribing, rewarding or chasing your child around to make sure they are eating?

Does your toddler refuse everything you put down in front of them?

Are you tired of the dinner wars and just want to have a peaceful dinner with your family?

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