Picky Eaters Re-boot

Happy dinner times AND Healthy Eating Kids

Imagine your child happily eating broccoli, lentils or fermented foods.

Imagine having happy mealtimes where you connect as a family.

Pick Eaters Reboot is an investment for you and your family.

What Picky Eaters Reboot 1:1 gives you

1) A 60-90-minute initial consultation. I get to know your child their past and present eating experiences, your lifestyle and what your hopes and concerns are.

2) A step-by-step plan and workbook which includes:

  • Identifying your big-picture goals 
  • How to identify the Brightlines you want to follow as parents, so you feel empowered and confident as a parent. 
  • IF… THEN scenarios, that will get you one step ahead of your child’s tantrums
  • Specific recipes to expand your child’s taste, starting from where they are, so you feel that forward momentum. 
  • How to build on where your child is at now, so they are not overwhelmed with change.
  • The big rocks to raising your child to have a healthy relationship with food, so your child grows into an adult with a conscious food relationship. 
  • How you can easily build making healthy food into your schedule because  I know your busy. 
  • Exercises to help ensure their sensory and oral development is not hindering their enjoyment of food.

3) A 20-minute consultation a week after our initial one to go over any questions you may have

4) A 20-minute check-in between two-four weeks later (you decide) to address any questions that may have popped up.

5) Unlimited email support for 8 weeks, so you feel well supported throughout this reboot. 


I specialise in gut health, healthy habits and how to raise kids who have a healthy relationship with food.

Your child’s healthy eating future begins now.

COST:  $695 

$100 Discount when pay in full ($595)

Send me a message about what you would want to get out of this 1:1.

It’s super important to me that we are a good fit for each other. If your needs are not in my area of expertise I will be happy to refer you on to people I trust.

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