Tired Of Kids Getting Sick?

7 Simple Practical Ways to Boost Your Kids Immunity

How many times have you been told that diet is the key to immunity?

Serve your kids a healthy diet, and they will be healthy?

What your kids eat is the foundation to them staying well during the winter months…


I know, I know… You’ve heard it a million times…

But are you making a conscious effort to put his into practice?

It’s easy to know something, but often harder to put into practice.

Let me show you 7 simple and practical lifestyle ways you can boost your kid’s immunity through diet.

1. Brightline’s

Choices are what confuse. So pre-decide your options for your kids and make hard lines out of them.

During the winter months, sugar and sugary products can often be the straw the breaks the camels back.

So, if there is a sickness going around or your kids seem a little “off” (mothers intuition comes in here) – then have a bright line of No sugary food item’s.

How this plays out in our house…

My kids will ask for an ice-cream, immediately I think –  how have they been or has there been any sickness going around that is taking out their class-mates… if the answer is yes to any of those – I say No. If all seems with them, then I make that decision on if they have an empty stomach (another Brightline for me is No sugary products on an empty stomach).

All this takes a split second to register in my brain and I can give reasons to my kids when I say No. And they ‘get’ it. Occasionally one of my kids will pass on something sugary as while they look ok, they don’t feel 100%… they make those decisions for themselves!

Brightlines. They make eating decisions easy, and it is something that I teach my kids… when you feel a little crappy… sugar will often make it worse. I wish I was raised with this intuitive eating practice. 


2. Replacement’s

Serve a healthy diet…

What does that mean?

It’s overwhelming when thinking eat healthily…

But it doesn’t have to be.

Small changes add up.

So instead of thinking large scale ‘eat healthy’ think smaller.

Pick one or two foods that your kids have that are not-so-healthy and choose healthier replacements.


For example:

Do they love dessert? Do a fruit platter, frozen berries or stewed fruit and yoghurt instead. 

Do your kids binge on sugar? Instead of buying lollies or chocolate – bake with your kids – when they get used to that baking, experiment with grated carrots or pureed pumpkin in the muffins or cookies.

Do your kids love fish and chips? Make your own at home and add in some other root veggies such as sweet potato or pumpkin.

The trick is to start with one thing… one thing you can change. Sure it’s sometimes not easy – but it’s much easier than your kids being sick!


Replacements to your kid’s unhealthy foods are one small step to boosting their immunity.


3. Fun

Make healthy food fun, by growing a garden or sprouting on your window sill, or cooking a healthy meal with your kids.

One of my kids was having a hard time opening her mind up to trying new veggies, (and of course a larger veggies intake is linked to a healthier immunity) so we started a cooking night.

Fast forward a few short months, and she is choosing to put pumpkin puree in dishes and loves to cut up mushrooms for everyone.

She found cooking fun.

So what do your kids find fun?

Can you experiment or play with healthy food so your kids develop a positive experience of those foods?


NOTE: Choosing to eat healthily is affected mainly by past experiences, so for very young kids focus on the experience of healthy food rather than the filling their belly with healthy food…. Parenting healthy eating is an endurance race, not a sprint

4. Smoothie’s

So easy to chuck a whole lot of healthy foods in there and kids drink it all.

Banana makes a good texture and adds some sweetness – don’t be afraid to try a greenish banana as that will give a fibre that their gut will love.

Frozen berries, spinach are all favourites in our house.  

If you want to get, more inspiration check out this link for toddler smoothies.

5. Invest in a Food Processor

Invest in a food processor.

See it as just that… an investment.

When I brought my first food processor a few years back it changed the way I cook.

It makes serving healthy foods easy.

You can get finely diced veggies that will go un-noticed in everything from burger patties to baking.

They can be expensive, so keep an eye out for sales on at your local stores.

5. Narrow Focus to their First Meal

Serve a sugar-filled breakfast; kids will crave sugar for the rest of their day. Affecting their choices towards the not-so-healthy options for the whole day.

So, narrow your focus on breakfast-making that is high in whole unprocessed foods.

Some examples are:

Egg with avocado on whole-grain toast.

Porridge – if you have to sweeten it, do so with honey or stewed fruit.

Bircher muesli or Oats in general – here are some recipes ideas

Egg-Muffins or generally anything with eggs in as they will help keep your kids satisfied for longer. 

One of the first changes I make with most of my clients is to change breakfast. This is a game-changer when it comes to daily cravings

5. Train-Taste for Probiotic-Rich Foods


Do you have these in your cupboards or fridge with the hope they will keep you or your kid’s immunity boosted?

Do away with spending money on probiotic supplements and instead make your own probiotic-rich foods… making a game out of trying these sour foods will help your kids to keep trying and eventually accept the sour taste (you too!).

Try this kid-friendly Kruat or dive into this fantastic spread.

If you have an abundance of Brussel-sprouts, then give this recipe a go.

It can be daunting making your first batch of sauerkraut… It’s more about your confidence than a skill set, so attend a class or get a person you know ferments to teach you – having someone to reassure you is the fastest way to help boost your confidence when fermenting foods.

It’s super easy to ferment and when you have a probiotic-rich food in your fridge, like the sauerkraut, you’ll feel so empowered that your kids can quickly get nutritious foods.. even on the days you cannot be arsed cooking!

TIP:  For icing on the cake when it comes to supplements during the winter months, I recommend Vitamin D with Vitamin K.  You can get online or in-store in liquid form. 

You don’t eat healthily… you eat healthIER… one meal/snack at a time.

It all adds up.

So start with one focus. Choose one of the seven above and start there.

Your kids will soon be the ones that seem to ‘escape’ getting sick when everyone in their class has days off.

Their immunity will be stronger because of the choices you make, daily and meal by meal…


Where will you start?

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