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    Garlic Cauli Bites

    Garlic Cauli Bites

    If I knew how versatile cauliflower was back when I was introducing solids to my oldest, this would have been on my list to train her tastes to when she in the ‘flavour window’ (see introducing solids course for more). Amongst other nutritional qualities cauliflower is full of folate helping your baby’s Nervous system develop. Paired with the power house immune boosters of garlic, your baby will get a good combo of boost brain and immune power.

    Herby Roasted Root Vegetables

    Herby Roasted Root Vegetables

    The perfect snack:
    This was my son’s go-to snack. Cooking a large batch up on Monday, he had a bowl-full at snack time or with his meals if I was in a lazy mood. There are no right and wrong combinations of vegetables – just use what you have in your kitchen, or what is in season.

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