Kids Favourite Sauerkraut

About this Recipe

This is my go-to for our families fermented goodness.  With a range of vegetables and the addition of orange, your kids will go crazy over this. 

The make a vibrant addition to the kindy lunches and also an extra boost to any puree’s you may be doing. 

How to Get Picky Eaters t0 try?

Getting kids to try any new food can be hard. To make it fun in our family – we played who can keep a straight face while trying sauerkraut.  The taste can be quite sour when trying it for the first time… so try and keep a straight face… you and your kids.


  • 1 head of white cabbage, core and shredded  

  • ½ head of red cabbage 

  • 1 large Daikon  

  • 4 large carrots 

For the Brine:  

  • 1 stick of Celery 
  • 2 Beetroot 
  • Orange – peeled 
  • Salt 
  • Filtered Water 
  • Culture starter (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Strip off a few outter leaves and set aside. Core cabbages (white and red).

Step 2

Shred the cabbage to desired thickness and placing all shredding cabbage in large bowl 

Step 3

Grate daikon and carrots and add to shredded cabbage, mix until vegetables blended.

Step 4

Make a brine by blending, 2 handfuls of vegetable mix, beetroot, celery, culture starter, orange, salt and water

Step 5

Pour brine over the bowl of vegetables and let sit for a few hours.

Step 6

Place mixture in sterilized mason jar(s), pressing down every few handfuls.  

Step 7

Place cabbage leaf to cover top and weight it down with cabbage core (vegetable mixture should be all submerged under the brine).

Step 8

Let sit for 3 – 7 days depending on temperature  (put jar on a plate to catch any liquid that seeps out during fermentation)

Step 9

Discard the cabbage core and outer leaf that was holding the vegetable mixture under the brine and serve with breakfast, lunch and dinner! YUM

You will now that fermentation has started as you will see bubbles in the mixture.

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