How to Introduce Solids

The Road Map to Successfully Introducing Solids

How do you start introducing solids?  

The foods, the texture, the equipment, the amount – it’s a lot to take in.

Exciting but nerve-wracking in one ball of unknown.   

Are you tempted to grab some rice porridge off the supermarket shelf and be done with it?

Don’t, there are betting options…

Let me tell you what they are.

I have fumbled and stumbled my way through Introducing solids. It was not until I got 10 years down the track and doing it for the fourth time, I began to think, this is easy.


Introducing solids is easy? 

It got easier for me because I developed a road map to introducing solids. By my fourth, I knew what mattered, what didn’t matter and everything in-between.

Want to know the road map that will not only be the best start but also put your little one on the road to being an Adventurous Eater?

FIRST Foods Approach to Starting Solids


Introducing solids to your baby has three main components…

1. Providing your baby’s body with the nutrients he/she needs to grow today.

2. Developing your baby’s immune system for short-term and life-long health

3. Setting the stage for healthy eating habits

Sounds like a lot. But not if you have a road map.


Road maps have landmarks to help you identify that you are on the right track.  There are five land-marks to help you make sure you are on the right track when raising Adventurous Eaters.  These landmarks are F.I.R.S.T in FIRST foods…


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Introducing Solids F

F: Feeding Your Baby’s Digestive System

If there is one thing you could do as a parent that would lay the foundations for a healthy baby/child/teenager/adult-child would you do it? 

Doing everything you can to help your babies gut health as good as it can be… is that one thing.

If flour is the crux of bread then your gut health is the crux of a healthy immune system.

Feeding your baby’s digestive system with homecooked vegetables and fruits, continue to breastfeed till your baby is one year or beyond, preparing foods to help make digestion easier are all things you can do give your baby’s gut a umph.

Extra steps include giving your baby probiotic-rich foods such as giving a little saukerkurat juice or fermented kumara. Nourishing your baby with probiotic-rich foods is the perfect start.

Introducing Solids I

I: Ingredients – The best foods to start baby on

Your baby’s stomach is small. The foods you feed your baby matter.

Do you want to know the ideal foods to start on?

The Best Foods For Your Baby Blog outlines in detail what foods and why, so make sure you check out that one.

Check out this recipe… I made sure all 4 of my children started on this powerhouse of goodness.

Introducing Solids R

R: Relationship – fostering a healthy relationship with food

Are you thinking about your baby having a healthy relationship with food?

No? Neither was I.

Are you thinking about how much solid food your baby should be eating?

How much your baby ‘should be’ eating is the crux of a healthy relationship with food.

When I first started to feed my baby, I wanted someone to tell me exactly how much she should be eating. Was is 170g or maybe start on 50g?

I have learnt there are no concrete answers.

Let your baby decide how much.

Giving your child the say over how much they eat is the key to life-long healthy eating habits… And it starts when they are a baby.

One of the signs that a baby is ready for solids is that they can turn their head away. Turning their head away in refusal of food is the sign they have had enough. Trust that.

Going forward.

I learnt the hard way that a healthy relationship with food starts when kids are babies.

Their beliefs about food are grounded in their first year of eating.  I wrote Healthy Little Eaters for parents to help instil a healthy relationship with food in their children.  Although written for with toddlers in mind, the first 1/3rd of the book sheds lights on your unconscious beliefs. Beliefs that you will pass on to your children.  If you have ever said or got told “eat your broccoli and then you will get ice-cream” then you must read this to become conscious about these beliefs.

Introducing Solids S

S: Senses – Letting Babies explore when introducing solids

What do mashed potatoes feel liked swished between your fingers?  Do you remember when you learnt what it felt like?

Learning about food is so much more than just identifying the name of a food. Engaging your baby’s senses sets them to have up healthier food preferences, especially their sense of taste and texture in their first year of eating.

For more on training your baby’s taste, make sure you sign up for the Introducing Solids free email course.


Baby Led Weaning v’s Puree’s – which texture is best?

What is best… Baby Lead Weaning(BLW) OR purees?

There doesn’t have to be an either-or an OR… You can do both.

Chewing and swallowing is a leant skill. Combining BLW and purees, for example, Liver & Kumara Puree with paprika Kumara bites in one meal is an easy solution.

There are no ‘right’ answers here. Work out what best suits you and your baby.

Introducing Solids T

T: Timing – When to introduce baby food

When to start solids, what time of day are questions easy to answer.

 Sign up to the FIRST foods first two weeks email course for more on what time of day is best.  

 The other big T in FIRST is Temperament.  Both theirs…. and yours.  Laying the foundations to good eating habits is seeded with the enjoyment of healthy food.

I am sure you can relate when I say, I don’t enjoy anything when I am being forced into it.

My temperament has changed 100-fold over the past 10 years when feeding my children. In hindsight, I can now see that I was 100 per cent responsible for the dinner tantrums my oldest frequently had.

Don’t make the mistakes I made, get Healthy Little Eaters to understand more.


To be introduced to each landmark step-by-step, with specific foods for first bites make sure you sign up for Introducing solids email course, you will come out the other end more confident with what you serve your baby during their first bites and the direction to take going forward.


Tick all the boxes the first time.

Get Introducing Solids right with this step-by-step email course. The Road Map to your baby’s first bites

Summing up How to Introduce Solids

F – Feeding Digestive System – Gut health is the crux to life-long health

I – Ingredients – Nutrient dense, your baby’s stomach is small

R – Relationship – let your baby have the lead on ‘how much’

S – Senses – engage their sense though different textures and flavours

T – Timing and Temperament – Is your baby ready for solids? Make sure they are happy and not too hungry when you first start solids.


How to Introduce Solids is not hard if you have the road map.  Make it easier on yourself and either follow the one I lay out in FIRST foods Approach.

… Or make up your own. Following a path when parenting makes decisions that much easier while making confusion that much less.

All the best



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Tick all the boxes the first time.

Get Introducing Solids right with this step-by-step email course. The Road Map for your baby’s first bites


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How to Introduce Solids

The Road Map to Successfully Introducing Solids

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