Good Health is NOT ‘Luck of the draw’

(Part I)


The Window of Time when your Baby’s Future Health is Formed

Do you believe ‘good health’ is Luck of the Draw?


When I was a professional rugby nutritionist, I would have said yes.

I took skin-folds of men every week for a few years. When I was skin-folding someone for the first time, I would take pride in knowing the exact position they played before they sat down.  Generally, if you know rugby you can sport a Forward from a Back.

Forwards a bit bigger and Backs a bit leaner. I was always intrigued that two brothers, eating the same food, one could loose fat and the other could gain fat.

I am sure you know someone who could do everything exactly the same as you, but you would be left feeling bloated and drained. Maybe a few kg’s heavier while your friend would be ‘glowing’.

Luck of the Draw?

Not fair?

Maybe not…


There is a ‘window’ in everyone’s life that sets you up for that ‘Lucky’ health.

While you may not be able to do anything about your set point now for yourself, you can maximise this window if you have children under the age of three. From getting pregnant to around your baby’s 3rd birthday is the Unique Window. The window where their life-long health is shaped.

Why is this window important?


This is the window when your baby’s gut lining and gut bacteria balance is developing.  Reaching maturity around their 3rd birthday.

After age three, your little one’s gut bacteria becomes stable.

Fun fact aye?

Well the story doesn’t end there…

NOTE: if you are wondering what this means for you if you have health issues… I think health similar to being dealt a hand of cards.  You have got your cards, nothing you can do to change that… BUT, you want to play one heck of a hand. Eating well, sleeping and moving the pillars to play that hand of cards well.

Why parents need to take note of this Unique Window

Because your baby’s life depends on it.

I’m not being dramatic.

Their quality of life will be affected by what bacteria they are exposed to, or,  not exposed to in this window of time.

Gut bacteria balance is one piece of the puzzle linked to childhood and adult diseases.

Early good bacteria exposure playing a role in three main areas of development. Digestive, Immune and Brain development.

What this widow means for your baby… child…


1. Digestion and metabolism

Gut bacteria play a key role in normal bone, growth and body development.

Meaning, what happens now in their gut will play a role in your baby’s

  • body shape – their risk of developing obesity in childhood or later.
  • development of strong bones… or not.
  • ability to absorb nutrients from foods, or not.
  • growth, or lack of growth.


2. Immune System

Gut bacteria play a key role in training your little one’s immune system. This will then affect their short term and long-term health.

Meaning, what happens now in their gut will play a role in

  • How sick they are as a baby and child. From food allergies, skin rashes such as eczema, to ear infections and ‘acute sickness’.
  • How sick they will be as an adult. With gut bacteria being a piece of a puzzle in the formation of adult diseases such as autoimmune, diabetes, obesity, cancer, even heart disease


3. Brain and Neurological development

Gut bacteria play a key role in not only their mood but how they react to life situations.

Meaning, what happens now in their gut will play a role in

  • Your baby’s temperament.
  • Your child’s behaviour and ability to throw tantrums.
  • Your precious one’s moods, from depression to anxiety (now and later on)
  • Your little one’s ability to concentrate, learning now and later when in school.

Take a pause for all of that to sink in.

Overwhelmed? I was when this was brought to my attention.

But…  there are some simple things that can be done.



  1. Your health during pregnancy
  2. Mode of delivery
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Antibiotic exposure
  5. Diet
  6. Lifestyle

These topics will be covered more in part II of this blog…

So make sure you check out part II where you will learn more specifics in how you as a parent or parent to be can maximise this window.

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