Brussel Sprouts Kids Love

Brussel Sprouts have been tard with the wrong brush.  


Only if you don’t get the selection right.

Below is a printable that will help you to introduce Brussel sprouts into your families diet –

Show your Brussel sprouts the love they deserve – and they will help your kids stay healthier through the winter months.  

How to Introduce to Babies?

As a Puree: Steam the young Brussel Sprouts and blend them into a root vegetable such as parsnip or sweet potato.

Chunker option:  They pair well with Peas, so make this recipe. The added parsley is so delicious you could make double and have some on a cracker or two for you!

Whole: Steam or Roast to bring out nutty flavour.  Cut in half and roast these goodies up. make sure you roast until they are soft as the tough leaves if not cooked can be a  choking hazard. Or if in doubt steam to make sure they are super soft.

—   Brussel Sprout Kid-Approved Recipe Ideas  —

Brussel Sprout Chips

Great if you kids love crispy food such as chips.  You can add a little vinegar to this recipe if they like the sour taste of vinegar.

Brussel Sprout Cheese Toastie

Perfect for school lunches or a quick snack. 

Probiotic Rich Brussel Sprouts

The sour mix with bitter, this a perfect training taste food.  Shred a little of these and use on the cheese toastie or add a small bit to add a zing to any meal from mac and cheese to a dhal. 

—   Recent Training Kids Taste’s Blogs  —

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