Get the ‘Best Of’ Healthy Eating Tips for Kids,

so you can raise a healthy, adventurous eater


Here at Adventurous Little Eaters, our Philosophy is centered around encouraging kids to choose healthy foods… even when your back is turned.

By encouraging…

✓ a healthy food mindset,

✓ healthy eating habits,

✓a connection between food, mind & body.

    Meet Wal

    Nutritionist Mother of Four

    Hi, I’m Wal. Weird name… yes – keep reading this blog and you will hear what I have called my kids. laughing

    I created Adventurous Little Eaters because from day one of having kids I was determined to raise kids how ate healthily even when my back was turned… but when my first turned 5 I had to admit I wasn’t the parent I wanted to be. 

    Consciously parenting kids to have a healthy relationship with food is a journey that has put me on a path to be a better parent, all-round.

    Raising kids with a healthy food mindset, healthy habits and being in tune with how food effects them, is the best gift parents can give their kids – So if you’re interested in raising such kids, then read this blog – sign up for my email list and you’ll start walking your path. 

    Search this blog and if you have any unanswered questions, contact me.  I am all about helping parents to help their kids learn to love healthy food while enjoying that journey.

    Healthy food for kids is delicious, fun and helps them thrive… let me show you how.


    Get the ‘Best Of’ Healthy Eating Tips for Kids,

    so you can raise a healthy, adventurous eater

    Working with Wal always puts things in perspective. She’s very able to quickly tune into what’s really going on, and she’s great at helping find solutions – that feels like I can breathe again and I know what to do next.
    Kate Apanui


    Adventurous Little Eaters mission is two-fold.

    1. Raising children who thrive AND have a healthy relationship with food
    2. Giving you, as a parent, inspiration for quick, healthy meals. Because I know how busy your life is.

    Gut Health

    Health begins in the gut. Having healthy children is the outcome of looking after their gut.

    Throughout Adventurous Little Eaters, you will find foods, recipes and lifestyle tips for better gut health and digestion.  Your child’s first 1,000 days set the stage for life-long health. Adventurous Little Eaters is about maximizing this period so that your child grows into a thriving, teenager and eventually an adult.

    Relationship with Food

    Have you heard the phrase, give some-one a fish and they will be fed for a day, teach them to fish and they will be fed for their life-time?

    Raising kids with a healthy relationship with food is like teaching them how to fish. They will enjoy healthy food and know when enough is enough. Taking healthy habits with them when they leave home. Adventurous Little Eaters is about raising children who never have to struggle with food.

    Training Taste

    Taste-buds are like muscles, they need to be trained. Muscles grow strong through receptively lifting weights.

    Adventurous Eaters are grown by repetitive exposure to tastes and textures. Healthy foods taste amazing. Adventurous Little Eaters helps you to teach kids how to have a growth mindset when it comes to training their taste for love healthy foods.

     Check out Wal’s Book

    Healthy Little Eaters


    Wal is the author of Healthy Little Eaters: how to teach your children to have a healthy relationship with food published with Random House.

    This book has helped many toddlers through the picky eating stage as well as parents reassess their perspective of raising kids who eat healthy or are healthy adventurous eaters.  

    13 Quick Facts About Wal

    1. I love to learn. I do at least one course each year from writing to cooking

    2. I love to cook. I’m not flashy about it or super tidy. In fact, I may be one of the messiest cooks in New Zealand.

    3. I love to read. From Self-help to autobiographies to full-on research papers.  I leave the fiction for holidays – my imagination is too overactive to read fiction in my every day.

    4.  I love to travel. My eldest daughter at 10 had visited 15 countries, living in 4 of them.

    5. I grew up on a dairy farm. My pocket money came from milking cows. When I was growing up, I thought humans grew tall by stepping in cow patties.

    6. I grew up a sugarholic. Something I still at times struggle with.

    7.  I love to mountain bike. The reward of going up is the down.

    8. I am a get shit done kinda gal. My children know when I get the vacuum out, to stay-outta-my-way

    9. I conquered Hodgkin’s disease. Going through Chemo on my 21st birthday shaped my outlook on health and nutrition.

    10. I cannot get through a winter without having a sauna at least once a week. I prefer hot climates (you may then ask why I am living in Wanaka?)

    11. I have lived in 4 different countries. Travelling gives you an appreciation of differences. It took me a year to realise that people don’t eat while on-the-go in Japan.

    12. I am a better human when I meditate. I have done two 10-day Vipassana courses which have been amazing for me and my awareness of how food affects me.

    13. I strive every day to be a better human for my family and those around me. I don’t always get it right but I’m learning to go easy on myself.

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