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                Who willingly eats foods from Lentils to Brussel sprouts?

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so you can raise a healthy, adventurous eater

Adventurous Little Eaters helps you to instil a love of healthy food in your child.

Taking research (theory) and making it actionable (practical) for your day-to-day.

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Family Recipe Inspiration

Quick easy meals for kids to meals even picky eater’s will love


FIRST Foods for Babies

Foods and tips for your baby’s best start


Encouraging Your Child to Eat Healthy

How you can get your kids (even the pickiest of toddlers) to try and love eating healthy foods


Setting up Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

How you can set your children up to have healthy habits and a healthy relationship with food


Digestive Health for Kids

Want healthy kids? Gut or digestive health is the crux to good health. Foods, tips and advice that will empower you


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